So, what are we about? We’re about:


All the items available for purchase are either donated or sourced free, not because we’re cheap but because we believe in not wasting valuable resources.  We get maximum value from utilized resources and raw materials.  If it’s sale-able then its reusable or recyclable.

Reusing & Recycling

We sell all our products so that they can be enjoyed and reused by another generation. Yes some will be recycled in other ways as they’re beyond use, but always after reusing attempts have been tried.


We don’t just sell books and stuff. We invest in all our futures by continuing to support and run Lewisham libraries in Sydenham, Grove Park, Crofton Park and Pepys; and in Bexley at Northheath, Upper Belvedere and Slade Green – just a few of our Eco activities.

Buy something and support All of Us